Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Catching up on past projects: Magic Hate Ball

I've been doing things lately, but not actually blogging about them.  I should fix that, if for no other reason than to keep track for myself.  So I'll start with the most recent.

I have always enjoyed Magic 8 Balls.  They're so incredibly bizarre; I mean, a random fortune-teller, sure, but why as a floating blob in the bottom of an oversized billiard ball?  Nothing about it makes any sense, which is why it's so perfect!

Or almost perfect... if only it were rude to you when you picked it up.

So I ripped the guts out of a Magic 8 Ball, replaced them with an accelerometer (to detect when it turned over), a screen (to show the messages), and a microcontroller (to hate you).  I threw in a battery just for fire risk.

More details (including oh-so-hilarious project logs) at Hackaday.

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