Sunday, February 22, 2015

A bit more on the Q

I poked at the Q Station and my light bulbs a bit more today, and ended up with a couple of Bash scripts that might be fun or amusing. One of them is a very simple GUI for changing bulb colors, and the other sends Morse code messages by blinking the light on and off. (Thanks to my partner Andi for thinking of that one!)

Bulb names are configurable but I'm lazy.

Yes, it's just the Zenity color selection dialog.

These are quick and dirty scripts using Zenity, but they work (at least under a default Ubuntu install) and make playing with the bulbs a lot easier.   I haven't tested this on any other Linux distributions but as long as Zenity and netcat are available they should work.

What I hope is slightly more interesting is that I've tried to separate out some simple but useful functions for working with the Q.  I hope these will be useful to other people in playing with the hardware.  There are Bash functions for changing the color of the bulbs, turning them on and off, and building the JSON string that the Q expects via its UDP interface.  (It's painful and error-prone to do this by hand.)

The code is up on github and can be cloned with 'git clone'.  If anyone uses this or has any suggestions I'd love to hear about it!

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